Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chocolate + Almond butter = a Match Made in Heaven.

(Soon-to-be chocolate-coffee melting pot)

Let me start off to say that we have nothing against peanuts, or peanut butter.
We just happen to think that almond butter tastes better.

And on a cold, winter day, what is more necessary than some seriously comforting chocolate (add a hint of grounded coffee) mixed with deliciously creamy almond butter?
Nothing. That's what.
Top it off with some pretzels and voila!

Complete joy in brownie form.

Credits to
for this recipe. (Get used to seeing her name on our site, we love her)

The only changes we made were switching peanut butter to almond butter (If you prefer sunflower seed butter you could easily do that as well), and, since my house lacked normal pretzels, we used Trader Joe's Low Fat Honey Whole Weat Pretzel sticks.

-Kelly & Emily

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