Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pesto Alfredo Gnocchi

So after all of those bizarre and freakishly warm weekends in January, it has finally started to feel like the end of winter/transition into spring as we are now in mid February. 

It's one of those five day weekends when schools say that there is some weird "local" holiday so they give you a day off - just cause.

 It's also President's Day weekend too I guess so uh, yay to all the presidents! 

I (Emily) got my wisdom teeth pulled out and this was the second time I had to go under sedation for surgeons to saw through my gums and dig out this so called "wisdom" tooth. Is the tooth really wise though? Is it really..? Or is it just a tooth that's there to screw with us...

No, I didn't say anything weird or have any "David After Dentist" illusions but since this was my second time, I knew exactly what to expect. My face - like a chipmunk storing acorns in it's mouth for the winter. My diet for the next few days would be nothing but soup, jello and vicodin.

I did feel much better this time so I made some delicious gnocchi. For those who don't know what gnocchi is, it's pretty much a potato dumpling that tastes like a soft, chewy mini ball of pasta dough that has been boiled to perfection and drenched with delicious sauce. Kind of perfect to eat with a puffed up mouth.

With Julie & Julia blasting on the tv, and the hilarious impressions done by the lovely Meryl Streep, my friend and I found a pack of frozen gnocchi, herb alfredo sauce, and pesto with pine nuts all from Trader Joe's in my fridge. 

It's pretty easy to make. So easy that you don't even need a recipe.

1) Boil some water, cook gnocchi like how you would with any other pasta, drain it, all the basics of making pasta...

2) Stir the gnocchi with two big tablespoons of pesto and then two big tablespoons of alfredo sauce.

3) Add a huge chunk of butter. Paula Dean and Julia Child would really appreciate it.

4) Mix it together, add whatever other sauces you want, maybe sprinkle some parmesan. 

5) Voila! It's that easy and drenching with delicious olive oil from the pesto. Nom. 

Have a great President's Day Weekend  and go jump in some rain puddles.


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