Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anytime Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I've got four words for you: Chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes. 

Just a few things:

Sunday brunch is calling and with a late start to my Sunday morning, what better way than to start the day than make these panqueques? All I can imagine now is the Lazy Sunday SNL skit playing in my mind. (The Chronic-what-cles of Narnia?)

After making these little bundles of joy, drench them in the best maple syrup you have in your fridge.

Also, Valentine's Day is tomorrow.

My (Emily) take on Valentine's: I hate this day. I believe it's just an ego booster for ladies who are in relationships and a day for the single women to have an excuse to drown themselves in chocolate and cry while watching "Love Actually" or "A Walk To Remember". (I do love those movies though.)

Although we are just high schoolers and young teens - if you got your special someone, surprise them with these delicious pancakes! I've always thought that breakfast in bed was the cutest thing with the glasses of OJ (or mimosas if you're over the legal age of 21..) and the little trays you set up on the comforter. 

It combines the chocolate of the Valentine's Day palooza and that way you don't have to buy yourself those gross Russell Stover heart shaped boxes of chocolate. (Ew) 

Your Valentine could be these buttermilk cakes of goodness and at least you know they won't break your heart.

Doesn't matter if you're single or dating, I'd say these pancakes are also a good pick me up for anytime of the day. Breakfast, brunch, lunch and even the awesome 'breakfast for dinner'.

Once again, thank you Joy the Baker for this recipe. You definitely brightened up my Sunday afternoon with this recipe.

Note to self: Buy a pancake griddle. Making pancakes on a tiny pan eliminates any chance you have of aesthetically making these cakes pretty. 

- Emily 

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