Saturday, January 29, 2011

Angry? Try baking away your frustration!

Hi everyone, I'd like you to meet my new friend Miss (or Mister, which ever you prefer) Red Velvet.

He/she is very attracted to fluffy whipped frosting, juicy strawberries, and toasty tan coconut.

Are you interested in taking him/her out on a date? I did and I had a blast. 

  I (Emily) was pretty frustrated today and I took all my anger and cranked out a red velvet cake!

I spent a good five hours on this masterpiece (with a few grocery errands, meals to eat, multitasking) but it was all worth my Saturday night. (Don't worry - I have friends. I hope.)

Forget the fact that my fingers look bloody because of the red food coloring stains, this cake is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

 Coconut not only hides your frosting imperfections (frosting cakes is not my calling), but it also makes everything taste 10,000 times better.

 I'm pretty sure I'll be eating this massive cake for breakfast on Sunday morning and maybe pig out after school - cake as a snack is pretty amazing.

Anywho, cake is a great way to celebrate the end of finals and a new clean slate for second semester for those baking fanatics out there.

Many thanks to Joy the Baker for this recipe - only thing I changed was putting sliced strawberries in the middle. 

Happy nomming and say hello to second semester!

-Emily & Kelly

Print this recipe!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Screw you, January.

Finals are over.

And guess what else? It's sunny. Thank you, California weather.

Here's to second semester! Cheers (like the British. Pinkies up, ladies and gentlemen!)

With much sunny love,
Kelly & Emily

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Manzanas + Pound Cake = ?

Our attempt at studying today resulted in... well, we learned what types of foods we like to munch on as we (kind of) work on math.

Pound Cake is awesome. Not very good for you, but, let's just forget about the butter (Sorry, Paula Dean). It's delicious, and not very crumby, so whoever vacuums won't be too pissy about it the next day.

Apples. An apple a day keeps on the doctor away! Need I say more? Completely refreshing and energizing while doing work. (Emily is sick, these helped. Kind of)

Blackberries... complete nominess. A little messy for your hands (which leads to black marks on your paper) but overall... worth it.

Edamame is delicious and delightful to eat. Just sprinkle some salt and put them in the freezer. Good to go!

Same with pistachios, which I think I may be developing a small fetish for. SO GOOD. My thumbs are in pain from cracking so many shells.

Goldfish are amazing. The little hundred calorie packs are delightful and the goldfish are miniature. Perfect for popping into your mouth (or for playing - little fishies swimming into the cave of doom... A.K.A your mouth. Come on, you know you've done it before.)

Happy studying and nom away!

- Kelly & Emily

Friday, January 14, 2011

I got a bowl of pistachios...

Yes, a bowl of lovely pistachios sitting on top of some gross chemistry final review. 
Oh woops, hi there!
I guess we should introduce ourselves - our names are Emily and Kelly and we're just a couple of cool high schoolers who are completely obsessed with food.
Got a test to cram for or just need a break from schoolwork? 
Have no fear, a blog about nommy foods is here to help you power through all this nonsense work.
The two of us will get together and make sweet love to food as we whip up some delicious concoctions and crank it out on this blog! 
Be patient, there are some serious noms coming your way... so be prepared.

- Emily & Kelly