Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Things: Gluten-Free Edition

 Alright, I have to admit - I'm lazy. Phew, that felt good to get off my chest. While home-baked goods are delightful, sometimes I just gotta take a shortcut.

I just came home from Seattle - such a beautiful city and luckily, it was sunny for most of my stay. 
For a few years, my cousin has battled issues with food and has become sensitive to dairy, gluten, red meat and chicken eggs. Just recently, she launched a new company called Just Vittles. Just Vittles lives by the motto of "clean food for modern families". It is a fantastic site and I am proud to say that I will be interning for it. So do me a solid, check it out, and sign up

My cousin has inspired me to try cooking with healthier alternatives. Instead of honey and sugar, I've tried using agave nectar. Let me tell you, it is amazing and so much better for you. Want to find out more about agave? Check it out here. I just bought coconut and almond flour along with coconut crystals as a substitute for cane sugar so stay tuned for some more recipes.

Whilst getting these materials at the grocery store, I found this cookie mix by The Pure Pantry, which promises its mixes to be gluten, dairy, soy, nut and egg free. So needless to say, I bought it, tested it out and voila, the cookies turned out to be pretty darn good. While they don't taste like your ordinary, gluten filled cookie, they don't taste like a piece of cardboard and are pretty moist. To this mix, I added chocolate chips, coconut, walnuts and dried cranberries. Of course, you can add whatever you want.

Anyways, if you're feeling lazy like me and want to try something gluten-free, stock up on some of these cookie mixes and let me know what you think!

For now, happy nomming and remember to check out Just Vittles