Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Yolks, One Egg.

Have you ever seen this before?

It's a late Friday night and I have a never ending love for fried eggs.

Great source in protein and so delicious too.

Anyways, I'm standing over my stove with some browned butter bubbling in the pan and as I crack one egg - my mouth slowly drops* - two tiny yolks in one egg.
(*I get easily amused with small things, excuse me for my dork-ness)

I thought this was just a lucky egg but nope, I continued to fry a few more eggs and I found two more eggs with the exact same thing.

How does that happen? Did some weird funky mutation occur in the fertilization?
(Wait, do chicken eggs fertilize? I should have really payed more attention in biology class last year...)
Am I going to die?

Oh egg scientist, please explain this to me and send me a letter with this explanation.

Thank you.


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