Saturday, April 2, 2011

Almond Butter at it's Finest

Peanut butter and jelly plus banana sandwiches just remind us of first grade days with the metal vintage lunch boxes.  Cut off the crust mom!

Spring break: One week away

The number of tests in a 5 day school week: too many.

Thank you for making us take a trigonometry final math teachers! We adore you.

... But two versions of almond butter and banana sandwiches totally helped us power through this trigonometry nonsense.

Version One:
Almond butter (preferably crunchy. Barney Butter is our personal favorite), Nutella, and sliced bananas on your favorite piece of bread. (Only thing in our pantry was country potato bread which really does smell like potatoes...)

Version Two:
Almond butter, your favorite strawberry preserves (or whatever jam you prefer), sliced bananas, and a drizzle of honey on top of the bananas. We swear, the honey makes everything taste 110% better.

This ain't no ordinary pb&j, this is hardcore ab&j (get it? Almond butter and jelly, oh so creative.)

Eat with a glass of milk and you're set! Just let the Nutella and jelly ooze and seep out of the sides. Too good.

Happy nomming!

- Emily & Kelly

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