Friday, March 18, 2011

Citrus Infused Sugar

Plain cane sugar can be boring... Spice up some things? Yeah?

The citrus smells just brings so much joy to the nose, it's just so.. Fresh. Citrusy I guess, if that's an actual adjective.

Stir a teaspoon of this into your favorite cup of tea and voila, you literally have a cup of heaven.

The best part is, it took five minutes to make this and after, your hands just smell like orange all day. How great is that?

Citrus Sugar:

1 teaspoon of any citrus zest

1 cup of granulated sugar

Mix the zest with the sugar and use a large knife to scrape the sugar and zest in a back and forth motion until the sugar turns into a slight orange color.

You'll also know when it's mixed when everything smells like citrus fruits, mmm. 

Maybe put it in a jar with a pretty ribbon? 

Send em out as darling little gifts to your tea party gals or if you're studying for a test, mix it with your tea or sprinkle on top of some fruit.

Inspiration from: Joy the Baker (you'll be seeing her a lot on this blog)

- Emily & Kelly

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